Emmanuel Guzman Dining With The Dead Product Challenge

Today we are excited to talk about and put to the test Emmanuel Guzman's 'Dining With The Dead' Pro Model Deck! EMAN himself worked closely with the R&D department to design this particular shape, so we are super stoked to test this one out for ourselves! Keeping the legend train rolling, the Artwork on this one is done by none other than Mr. Jimbo Phillips. If you do not grab this one to shred, grab one for the wall while you can! We put Santa Cruz Skateboards Brand Manager Andrew Cannon to the test with three NEW challenges to find out how this setup skates!

Andrew's product setup:

  • 8.27 x 31.83 Emanuel Guzman 'Dining With The Dead' Pro Model Deck
  • 149 Stage 11 Standard Independent Trucks
  • Ricta Chrome Cores 99a 53mm
  • Bronson Ceramics Black
  • Mob Grip
  • 7/8's Indy Allen Bolts
  • Fabiana Delfino ‘Tarot Card’ shirt

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