Make Life Skate Life launches Tripoli Skatepark fundraiser

In May, Make Life Skate Life aims to build Libya’s first skatepark

Over the past 8 years, non-profit organization Make Life Skate Life (MLSL) has built 10 skateparks in underserved communities, some of them in regions of conflict. At each skatepark, MLSL runs programs that benefit underserved youth and refugees. As a whole, 1200 young people each week are impacted by MLSL projects and have access to safe spaces without distinction of ethnicity, gender or religion. The long-term goal is that locals independently manage skateparks and programs.

For the Tripoli Skatepark project, land from the Municipality of Tripoli Center to build Libya’s first skatepark has been secured. In May, MLSL aim to build a 800m² skatepark that will be free of charge and accessible to the wider public. Immediately after construction, youth-led skate classes will be implemented. Every week, skate classes will benefit 60 girls and boys (50/50 ratio) who normally wouldn’t have access to skateboarding. In addition to skate classes, a locally led, free-of-charge skateboard equipment and safety gear rental system will be put in place to ensure accessibility for everyone.

With youth unemployment at 50%, precarious living conditions for the displaced, and a continuous unstable political situation, young people in Libya are exposed to an extremely high level of stress with few outlets for expression. The overall goal of Tripoli Skatepark is to create a safe community space where people from different backgrounds can come together and positively interact in a playful way. Apart from creating immediate local employment through the recruitment of skate coaches and a skatepark manager, the skatepark aims to contribute to a more unified, healthier, more active, more engaged, and happier society.

MLSL started a fundraising campaign to make the project in Tripoli, Libya, a reality. Every donation will go towards the purchase of construction related supplies such as concrete, steel, wood, machine rental, tools, and other materials. Between all donors, Tripoli Skatepark branded t-shirts and tote bags will be raffled on April 17th, the end of the campaign.

1% of all orders placed on the NHS Skate Direct will be donated to Make Life Skate Life

For more information and to donate to Tripoli Skatepark, please visit or click below.