Two Durometers in One Wheel? Introducing OJ 'Double Durometer'

You read that correctly. In case you missed the post, last week OJ Wheels released two sneak peak images of it's new 'Double Durometer' wheel technology.

These new wheels feature a 95a 'inner durometer , wrapped by a 101a "outer durometer".

What does that mean for ride-feel and performance?

You get the best of both worlds: speed, performance, and slide from 101a durometer with a crust absorbing smooth roll delivered by the 95a inner durometer.

Brass tacks: Double durometers provide a smoother ride that out rolls and slides any wheel currently on the market.

Currently, the wheels have been exclusively released to the team and few select accounts for testing and feedback. A world release is planned for 2023.

OJ Wheels Double Durometer Skateboard Wheels