Bronson Speed Co's GNARMAGEDDON Invitational

Hit the road with Rhino, Jamie Foy & the rest of the Bronson Team as they roll out to Santa Cruz for Bronson Speed Co's GNARMAGEDDON Invitational. Little do they know about the dangerous waters ahead as BK Designs is building nonstop chaos for them. You’ll get to see how the speedboat from hell came to life. Buckle up, it’s fast, it’s mean, it’s… it’s….. hell it’s the Bronson Speed Co GNARMAGEDDON Invitational baby! Featuring Jamie Foy, David Gravette, Nora Vasconcellos, Maurio McCoy, Collin Provost, Chris Colbourn, Alexis Ramirez, Jesse Lindloff, Roman Pabich, Cedric Pabich, Patrick Praman, Christian Henry, John Worthington, Kevin Braun, Ducky Kovacs, Samarria Brevard, Nicole Hause, Aaron Goure,