STRANGER THINGS x SC 10.25 x 30.03 Roskopp Demogorgon Product Challenge!

Today we are excited to talk about and put to the test the Stranger Things Roskopp Demogorgon Deck! This board is part of the all new Stranger Things x Santa Cruz collection coming Summer of 2022. The Stranger Things Roskopp Demogorgon comes bursting through the wall and straight into Hawkins High School on this all new lenticular deck. The lenticular allows the original Roskopp monster to change into the Demogorgon all in one deck. This will be a must have for fans of Roskopp and Stranger Things alike. If you do not grab this one to shred, be sure to grab one to hang on the walls at home! We put Santa Cruz Skateboards Brand Manager Andrew Cannon to the test with three NEW challenges to find out how this setup skates. Let us know in the comments below what challenges we should throw in the bins next!

This week's product setup:

  • 10.25in x 30.03in Stranger Things Roskopp Demogorgon Deck
  • 159 Stage 11 Winkowski 8ballr Independent Trucks
  • 56mm Elite Urethane Mini Combo OJ Wheels
  • Bronson Ceramics
  • Black Mob Grip
  • 7/8's Indy Allen Bolts
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