The Special Meaning Behind Maurio McCoy's 'Flamingo' VX Deck

Today we are stoked to meet with Maurio McCoy to talk about the meaning behind his special 'Flamingo' graphic to commemorate his Mother ❤️ Maurio's mom helped Maurio become the man we all know and love today, so we were honored to work with our friend Yaia on this amazing graphic to commemorate her legacy. We are excited to share this board with you all later this year. If you do not grab one to skate, be sure to grab one for the wall as this graphic is absolutely beautiful. In this series we will be rapping out with your favorite members of the SC squad and dig in to their current setup to learn all about what is currently under their hood. What size board does Maurio ride? How do Maurio's Titanium Indys and VX Deck work together? What's up with the twin tip setup?! All of these questions and much much more are answered in Episode 7 filmed by Trevar Cushing!

  • 8.25 in x 31.8 in Maurio McCoy 'Flamingo' VX Twin Tip Pro Model Deck
  • 149 Stage 11 Titanium Independent Trucks
  • 54mm 99a Ricta Maurio McCoy Pro Model Wheels
  • Mob Grip
  • Bronson G3s
  • Indy Allen Hardware

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